Hon. Rexlon “Rex” Gatchalian

Hon. Rexlon “Rex” Gatchalian, Mayor, City of Valenzuela.

Hon. Rex Gatchalian is now on his third term as the chief executive of the City of Valenzuela, Valenzuelanos felt the remarkable improvements in their lives. The solid foundation of his public service is underscored by his governance platform known as the “Five Pillars of Good Governance”. It focuses on the essential needs of every Valenzuelano in Education, Health and Social Welfare Services, Housing, Economic Development, and Liveability. Under his leadership, Valenzuela City has earned over a hundred awards and recognitions for his innovations in good governance. These are the affirmation of the city’s economic accountability, disaster preparedness, outstanding employment and micro-entrepreneurship development programs, timely health and social protection policies, sound implementation of peace and order advocacies, and commitment in making Valenzuela City a truly liveable city. As a result, the city of Valenzuela has become well well-known in the field of governance excellence, not just across the country but also in other parts of the world.