Ms. Inkar Kadyrzhanova

Ms. Inkar Kadyrzhanova, Regional Adviser on Gender and Climate Change of UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Inkar Kadyrzhanova is a regional gender and climate change adviser at the UN Women regional office for Asia and the Pacific. She is leading the regional work on gender mainstreaming in climate change and disaster risk reduction. Prior to that, she worked at the UN Climate Change secretariat on mitigation, data and analysis issues and supported the negotiation process on climate action by state and non-state stakeholders. She has more than 15 years of work experience in the area of environment protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation and worked at different UN agencies. Besides working in Asia, Inkar has led the regional programmes of UNDP on environment and security in Central Asia and other sub-regions of Europe and CIS region. She holds a graduate degree from the Moscow State University and two Master’s degrees from the Kazakhstan Institute of Economics and Planning and the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.